Hyper Raffle Bot. Hyper is the easiest, most convenient, and most effective way to cop sneakers, period. Don't stay up late setting up for a drop when you can cop hundreds of limited shoes with ease per raffle and never take an L again. Sold Out
Our Features Hyper comes as a fully featured bot
Unlimited Entries
Unlimited Entries Your purchase of Hyper comes with no server limits which means you can enter thousands of entries into raffles.
Unlimited Entries
Fast Speeds Hyper is a cloud based bot which means all your tasks run on servers which exponentially increases proccessing times.
Access from anywhere
Access from anywhere Hyper runs as a web app which means it can be accessed from any device that supports a web browser.
Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension Hyper chrome extension allows you to secure your FCFS wins with ease!
and much much more...
Hyper 1.0 Easy to use Entering raffles has never been so easy. Here at Hyper, we strive at developing software that anyone can use. We’ve worked very hard to create guides for all users to learn from. Not only that, but we’re thinking of new ways on how to simplify our software on a daily basis. At Hyper, simplicity and efficiency is what we are achieving, and this is only the beginning.
Success with Hyper Raffle Bot
Amazing number of success
Proven success
The success at Hyper is in the numbers. To your left, you’ll see the massive success collages from our members. At Hyper, you get the best software, meaning you have the best chance of success. See more success
Frequently Asked Questions Do you have some questions? Find answers in FAQ.
1. How do I get started?
Once you have purchased the bot you will have access to complete documentation about how Hyper works. In addition you will have access to our support team which will help you with anything you need.
2. Is my purchase refundable?
Your purchase is not refundable however we only charge you on a monthly or yearly basis and you can cancel at any time.
3. What if I cancel my subscription?
If you cancel your subscription to Hyper then your access to the bot will be revoked, you will not be able to renew this membership again if the bot is out of stock.
4. Why raffles?
Raffles are the easiest way to cop sneakers, the bot will enter thousands of entries into your specified raffle and help you cop multiple pairs of shoes.
5. What about server fees?
All server fees are covered automatically by us!
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